Brett Kanoff Charged With Murder in Death of 13-Month-Old Son; Suffocated Boy With Blanket: Cops


I miss you so much Cameron daddy loves you
with all my heart its not the same with out you baby daddy will always
love you till we meet again baby.”

That’s what 22-year-old Brett Kanoff posted on his Facebook page [all sic] after his 13-month-old son Cameron was pronounced dead last week.

The thing of it is, police say Kanoff is the reason the boy is dead.

According to authorities on Long Island, Kanoff suffocated the boy with a blanket in an effort to get him to stop crying. He then left his dead body in a crib for three hours before he was discovered by a family member.

On September 24, police were called to Kanoff’s Port Jervis home after Cameron was found unresponsive in his crib.

to court records, a week-long police investigation involving seven
different agencies found that Kanoff used a blanket to stifle his son’s
crying. He allegedly put the blanket over the baby’s mouth and nose, and
applied pressure until the boy was dead. He then put the lifeless body
in a crib and walked away.

Kanoff, who was in court yesterday for
an unrelated misdemeanor charge (he’s accused of punching the side
mirror of a car last month), now faces a charge of second-degree depraved
indifference murder.

He’s being held without bail.