Should Health Insurance Providers Pay For Sex-Change Operations?


Yesterday, the group Transgender Legal Defense & Education announced that an insurance company has agreed to a settlement that will require it to pay for a sex-change operation for a transgender person.

Ida Hammer, 34, was born a man but has been living as a woman for the past several years. According to the TLD&E, MVP Health Care has finally agreed to pay for Hammer’s sex-change operation following threats of litigation.

“My insurance company should not be second-guessing my doctors,” Hammer
says in a press release. “I’m relieved that it is finally treating me
fairly and covering the health care I need.”

According to the TLD&E, MVP only agree to pay after the group threatened to sue.

The group says the American Medical Association recommends insurance coverage for sex reassignment, however, there are few health insurance providers who actually cover it.

We’re not doctors, and will not be taking side on this one — but we want to know what you think: should health insurance providers be forced to cover sex-change operations?