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Book Claims LaToya Grabbed Bags Of Michael’s Cash After He Died


Vanity Fair got the dibs on Untouchable, Randall Sullivan‘s explosive book about the legacy of Michael Jackson and how it may have been deeply tarnished by some greedy family members.

According to the book, soon after Michael died, mama Katherine was in the house asking where her son hid his money.

Apparently Michael kept cash in black garbage bags tucked under the rug.

Well, a security guard claims that at the same time, LaToya was seen stuffing some black garbage bags into her duffel bags!

LaToya denies it, saying most of the money was gone already by that time.

Oh, OK.

What’s more, Michael wasn’t buried until over two months after his death.


Sullivan says it’s because sister Janet Jackson wouldn’t let that go on until she got her $40,000 burial deposit check back!

Rolling yet, Michael?