Republican Richy Garcia Is Challenging Vito Lopez Now Because, Like, Why Not?


On Election Day, Assemblyman Vito Lopez, amidst a sex scandal, sexual harassment accusation and maybe even a cover-up by the higher-ups, will go for re-election in his district of Bushwick. Usually, in these occasions, the incumbent is knocked out and replaced with whatever the public can get its hands on (search: Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner -> Twitter -> resignation -> Republican takeover by Bob Turner).

But, in this case, even with all the bad press, Vito Lopez was expected to return to his seat unharmed because Bushwick has no one else. The district, and Brooklyn, for that matter, is a Democratic stronghold and Lopez’s years there have eliminated any competition. Until now…

Today, Richy Garcia announced that he will revive his campaign against the disgraced Assemblyman because, in a battle against a disgraced politician, you really have nothing to lose. It’s evident that Garcia made this revelation when he woke up this morning – yesterday, he told WNYC that he was bailing from the race.

It only took him 24 hours to realize, you know what, what the hell?

Now, against Lopez, Garcia should have a lot to work with: the Assemblyman has lost more or less every leadership post he held in Albany; that’s enough firepower for a campaign right there. Also, the harassment charges are still up in the air, giving a new meaning to the phrase “elephant in the room.”

Except hitting the ‘reset’ button just 35 days before Election Day can be tricky. And, according to the Post, no one, not even the Brooklyn Republicans, know who this Garcia guy is. Apparently, he’s just a stand-in for the Party so they have at least have someone.

But that says something about Democratic politics in the outer borough: even with a sex scandal boiling in the background, Vito Lopez still has a more-than-fighting chance at winning re-election. Needless to say, Brooklyn is blue, no matter what.

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