Sixpoint Sweet Action: A Delicious Trifecta (That You Can Enjoy At Brooklyn Pour Tomorrow!)


Before we get into this, did you know that Brooklyn Pour is tomorrow? Tickets are sold out, but hey, if you hang around outside the venue, you never know what’s possible. Anyway, onward to the beer!

Sweet Action from Sixpoint Brewery in Red Hook

Style: A blend of pale ale, wheat beer, and cream ale

Serving style: 16-ounce can

Location: My desk in my apartment

Cost: $13 a four pack

ABV: 5.2 percent

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Appearance: Well, I drank it from a can, so I didn’t get a good look at it this time around, but I will say that the artwork Sixpoint does for its brews is exceptional. It has found an ideal design that’s both minimal and instantly recognizable — proudly displaying the distinct Sixpoint star in the same spot on every can. As for the beer itself, I’ve had it on draft a number of times, and it always carries a cloudy orange color. There’s typically a thick head, too, and who doesn’t love love a good old-fashioned, obnoxious foamy mustache?

Aroma: Citrusy, hoppy, and a bit floral. If you let it linger for a moment, there’s quite a bit of grain. And dammit, the Sweet Action has a great scent. If we’re being honest here, the brew is one of my favorite smells on the market.

Taste: The website states this beer is “hard to define, but perhaps that’s why people love it.” I confirm can that claim, that Sixpoint is not being hyperbolic. It doesn’t taste like any one specific style. It begins snappy and sweet, but then quickly takes over your taste buds as the creaminess arrives with a startling amount of crispness, then it finishes both malty and bitter. You truly experience a whole range. Initially, the Sweet Action might seem like too much, but the transitions between flavors are so seamless, it’s just wonderful.

Mouthfeel: Like the flavor, there’s a heavy variation in mouthfeel when you consume a Sweet Action. It begins sharply, kind of like a pale ale, but the sweetness of the beer takes over your mouth and it quickly moves into such a smooth, enjoyable experience. It finishes drily, with a bit of tartness.

Overall Experience: Maybe I’m playing favorites, since Sixpoint is a local Brooklyn-based brewery, but the Sweet Action is one of my standard, go-to craft beers. I’m not sure I want to estimate the amount of money I’ve given to them. It’s a quality brewery that produces a consistent, enjoyable product. Plus, you can always find the stuff in tallboy form, and really, on a rainy Saturday night, there’s no better experience in the world than consuming a beer from a big, aluminum can.