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Sondheim Approved Everything Except The Q-Tip


Marry Me A Little is a revival of the two-character show that tells a story of double loneliness while cobbling together previous Stephen Sondheim songs–some from other shows, some cut from shows.

The new version uses a somewhat different lineup of numbers than the original 1980 one, but at a talkback after last night’s performance, director Jonathan Silverstein said Sondheim was cool with the changes.

“He was here during previews and on opening night,” he said.

“He was very supportive, giving us wonderful notes.

“There was never a no. If we said, ‘We’re thinking about this song,’ he’d always say ‘Yes.’

“Always the answer was, ‘So interesting. Try it’.”

Well, Steve has gotten very agreeable, to the point where he’s approved revivals set in a mental home as well as some casting that’s seemed out of mental home–and it’s always worked out really well.

But Marry Me costar Lauren Molina–who plays “Her”–did note one change that Steve requested and got.

“When I got out of the shower,” she said, “I’d look at the Q-tip. It was a comment on the grossness of ear wax.

“He said, ‘Why don’t you come out and sing ‘Who Could Be Blue’ and not have the Q-tip?”

One more Q-tip on unemployment.