Tasting 4 Autumn Specialities at Spice Market


For those into trendy Southeast Asia fare, Spice Market is a must. I wouldn’t categorize it as authentic, but it has everything to make New Yorkers feel comfortable: exotic decor, attentive service, and beautiful food.

It’s a Jean-Georges Vongerichten establishment, and the kitchen is headed by chef Anthony Ricco. I dined there a couple of weeks ago and made a point to sample some of its fall specialties.

4. Green Apple Salad. It’s apple season, and the staff over at Spice Market has taken advantage of the fruit. A mixture of slivers of green apples, cashews, charred long beans, and crystallized ginger — this salad was a remarkably crunchy and sweet appetizer. Recommended.

3. Butternut Squash Soup. One of my favorites from the evening, the soup was a nutty combination of creamy butternut, ginger, and pumpkin seeds. It’s finished with a dollop of cream on the top.

2. Spicy Shanghai Soup Noodles. OK. So these weren’t remotely spicy at all. It’s a hot-broth egg-noodle soup with chilled silken tofu, garlic, and herbs. Not the best of the bunch. The soup broth was a bit too glutinous, and the silken tofu was dully plain.

1. Jackfruit Carrot Cake. The description on this item was a bit vague, but from what I gathered, the cake was completely carrot and the jackfruit component was the sweet syrup on the plate. Although I wished there was more jackfruit involved, the saltiness of the carrot worked finely with the tartness of the jackfruit. It’s topped with a crispy sesame cracker.