The Biggest Celebrity Blunders Of Modern Times


There are a lot to choose from because, just like they soar in special and exciting ways, celebs also mess up with a gigantic splash heard ’round the world.

Here are the choices for the worst star boo-boos of our times, as selected by the posters over at

Cher‘s hair care infomercial

Rosie O’Donnell sinking her own cash into the Broadway musical Taboo

Ted Danson in blackface

Ah-nuld shtupping the maid

Jennifer Grey getting all that plastic surgery that made her unrecognizable

Elvis Presley starring in all those crummy movies

Jim Morrison pulling his business out onstage

Michael Richards screaming the N-word repeatedly at a heckler

Shelley Long leaving Cheers

Tom Cruise jumping on the couch like a lovestruck teen

Janet Jackson‘s exposed nipple

Mel Gibson‘s insane, drunken, anti Semitic rant while being arrested for a DUI

Hugh Grant getting serviced by a hooker in his car

Eddie Murphy giving that “good samaritan” ride home to a transsexual

And let me add:

Anything involving Charlie Sheen in the last decade.

But I still love you, celebrities.

From a distance!