Watch Out, Les Miz! Here Are Other Movie Stars Who Sang Live


When archivist Mark Milano heard Anne Hathaway and her cohorts say in an interview that the upcoming Les Miserables film was the first time actors sang live while filming, he dug into his vaults to prove them wrong.

Really wrong.

The below compilation clip is an enchanting reminder of all the stars who’ve sang for the camera–right out of their very own vocal chords.

Most of them happen to be amazing singers.

Chevalier. Merman. Judy. Sinatra. Barbra. Bette. The best of the best.

And some of them had distinct, offbeat styles–a la Rex Harrison–or were trying to sound bad (Marilyn in Bus Stop) or dying (Madonna in Evita).

And then there’s the immortal flop At Long Last Love (above).

That one sank without synching.