A Brownie Recipe Found in Motherless Brooklyn


Following up on our post about bookseller Michael Popek’s charming collection, Handwritten Recipes and Forgotten Bookmarks, here’s a quick look at three recipes and the books they were found inside.

Above, the Blonde Brownies found in Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn. The fat called for in this recipe is melted shortening, which dates the recipe a bit, but the book was published by Vintage in 1999.

Mrs. Eisenhower’s million-dollar fudge was hiding inside a Nabokov novel. Secret ingredient: 2 jars of marshmallow cream.

Four parts gin, two parts apricot brandy, one part lemon juice. A nearly illegible recipe for a strong drink, found in Thesaurus of Humor. Why do I find this one so depressing?!

Books aren’t a very efficient filing system for scribbled recipes, but they certainly make for an interesting dig. More about Popek’s new book here.

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