Letters From The Hole: SHU Inmate Allowed Just Two Showers A Week. And That’s Pretty Much It


The New
York Civil Liberties Union recently released a report outlining the 
“inhumane, arbitrary use of solitary confinement” in New York state

Included in the report are handwritten letters from
several inmates placed in segregated housing (solitary confinement) for
various — in many cases non-violent — reasons. The letters describe
what life is like for those locked in a cage for 23 hours a day.

The Voice will be publishing several of the letters in a series called Letters From the Hole.

Today’s inmate: Na’im is an inmate at New York’s Southport Correctional Facility. His fourth trip to segregated housing was the result of an “unauthorized exchange,” which essentially means he passed a note to another inmate without permission. Na’im opted to forgo recreation because he was afraid of what corrections officers would do to him while he was out of his cell. He was allowed just two showers a week, which were the only times he opted — and was allowed — to leave his cell. See his letter below.

Naim Redacted