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Rachel Zoe’s Husband Re-ignites “Guyliner” Trend


Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe‘s investment banker husband Rodger Berman wore “guyliner” at a recent event and some observers squirmed, which is definitely a good thing.

Fashion should make people feel uncomfortable.

The same goes for other f-to-m trends mentioned in the piece–including macletes (man bracelets), murses (male purses), and mandals (man sandals).

Maybe even manboobs, for all I know.

And they’re all welcome because no one should be bound by silly gender restrictions, especially when it comes to what you wear.

Besides, this seems like the logical next step after metrosexuality.

As they get bolder and more secure, straight men have gone from getting waxed and moussed to literally wearing ladies’ accessories and makeup.



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