There’s an Alligator Problem — On Long Island


New Yorkers have a lot of things to worry about — crime, terrorism, etc. We can now add alligators to the list.

For the sixth time in a week, an alligator has been found in New York — this time on Long Island.

About 1:30 a.m. yesterday, authorities in Shirley found a plastic container with a four-foot alligator inside. As if it needed any explanation, the words “my gator” were written on the lid of the container.

Last Monday, another alligator was found at the Wading River golf course in eastern Long Island.

Three other gators were found on Long Island on successive days last week.

The problem isn’t exclusive to the Island — another gator was recovered from a home in Brooklyn last week. In that case, authorities also found two handguns and several bags of various prescription drugs.

obviously, aren’t supposed to live in New York — they’re tropical
animals that need warm climates. Officials believe people are keeping
the gators as pets, but release them into the wild when they get too big
to manage.

Moral of the story: alligators are not pets. They are blood-thirsty killing machines that could rip your limbs off.