Richard Gere’s Oscar Campaign: Here’s What It Should Be


Richard Gere has been in a lot of pretty memorable movies, including Days of Heaven, Yanks, American Gigolo, An Officer and Gentleman, Pretty Woman, Unfaithful, and Chicago.

But he’s never been nominated for an Oscar!

And that should be his Oscar campaign!

Remember last year?

Meryl Streep‘s campaign shamed voters into giving her the trophy for The Iron Lady because, as they were repeatedly reminded, she’s the greatest actress alive and she hadn’t won in 29 years!

And then she won!

So Gere’s people need to pull a Meryl and do something similar.

They should urge the Academy to forget the old days (you know, Cotton Club, King David, and the ad he and Cindy Crawford took out saying they were straight) and remember that he was all set to finally get nominated for Chicago, but then Nic Cage snuck in there and got it for Adaptation.

So one of our longest running, most accomplished movie stars has never even been in the race!

Fortunately for Gere, he’s gotten excellent reviews for playing an unraveling hedge-fund hog in Arbitrage, so I think he might get it this time.

The 100th time is always the charm.

If not, Buddhism will surely get him through it.