Here’s Audio of an NYPD Officer Roughing Up Harlem Teen Before Calling Him a “Mutt.” His Crime: Looking “Suspicious.”


This morning, we told you about a video that includes an audio recording of an NYPD officer and a sergeant stopping a 16-year-old Harlem kid during one of the department’s controversial “stop and frisks.”

Now you can listen to the recording — and hear how disturbingly aggressive the officers were with the boy, who has no criminal record, no gang affiliation, and is in school.

In the recording, the officer asks the kid: “Who the fuck are you talking to? Want to go to jail?”

“What for?” the kid, Alvin, replies. “Why am I being arrested for?”

“For being a fucking mutt, you know that?” an officer says.

See our previous post for a more descriptive account of what went into making the video, and more info on “stop and frisk.”

See the video below (the audio of the stop happens at about the three-minute mark).