Presenting the Pastrami-Reuben Egg Roll


Dish #7, the best thing to happen to egg rolls this year?

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Pastrami-Reuben Egg Roll, $7

RedFarm makes a roll with Katz’s pastrami and Eden Wok still has their kosher rendition on the menu, but I’m glad Kutsher’s Tribeca decided to get in on the pastrami action as well.

The new pastrami-Reuben roll recalls great Jewish deli sandwiches and Chinese takeout all at once, with a touch of T.G.I. Friday’s kitsch. And while it’s nearly as big as a Reuben, it’s elegantly composed: A thin, crisp, bubbly pastry filled with the restaurant’s own bright, piping-hot pastrami, sauerkraut, and melted Emmentaler. On the side, there’s a citrusy house-made duck sauce and a blob of nose-tingling mustard. It’s a touch greasy and over the top, but sometimes that’s just the thing.

186 Franklin Street