WikiCells: Packaging That You Can Eat


It’s pretty much a fact that we waste a lot. Think about all the packaging that comes with your food. A start-up called WikiCells is changing a lot of that with edible food packaging.

“Like a grape, you can’t empty the inside of biological cell and have something left,” David Edwards, the professor at Harvard University behind the project told Slate. “It made me wonder whether you could re-create packaging with that in mind and eliminate plastic.”

They’re coming out with products like ice cream wrapped in a bagasse container, which is made with sugarcane. The team has experimented with stuff like a gazpacho-holding “tomato” and a wine-filled “grape.”

The stuff isn’t in stores yet, but WikiCells recently announced that it secured $10 million in investment capital.

The company expects to introduce the first WikiCell commercial products in 2013.