A New Map of 35 NYC Doughnuts


My fondness for fried dough aside, I love this old-school design from new independent print shop, All You Can Eat Press — a Brooklyn-based, food-loving company run by Yuki Matsuo, Jim Datz, and Naomi Reis.

Their first print is a fold-out doughnut map of Matsuo’s picks from 35 great spots in New York, including some Fork in the Road favorites from Peter Pan and Falai, and spotlighting others like the Korean rice flour doughnuts at Koryodang Bakery.

A few more images below:

The two-sided, two-color printed, 15-by-21-inch map goes for $8. It’s packaged in a wax paper slip with a little sticker.

Got doughnuts on the brain now, yes? Project No.8 is hosting a launch party for the press tonight, at the Ace Hotel (22 W. 29th St.), from 6 to 8 p.m. We hear the doughnut selection is going to be great, with sweets from Dough, Van Leeuwen, and Doughnut Plant.