Paper’s Nightlife Awards Were Dazzling, As Usual


Last night at Webster Hall, Paper brought together a wealth of shimmery, hipstery lovers of stars and bars to celebrate the joys of NYC nightlife (and also to toast the mag’s Mickey Boardman‘s birthday with vats and vats of Hennessy).

I was there to add my typically sour note as presenter of the People’s Choice Awards, telling the crowd that “Letting people vote for anything is a bad idea.

“That’s how we ended up with Mitt Romney as a front runner–the man who thinks America’s greatest enemies are China and Sesame Street.

“So take these winners with a grain of bath salts.”

They were:

Best NY Party Museum: MoMA PS1

(“The only reason I’d ever go to Queens besides cheap Dominican food,” I cracked.)

Best Mega Club in America: Webster Hall

(“What a shock! What a coincidence! What next? Best magazine, Paper?”)

Best Mega DJ with one name: Diplo (pictured above)

(“Not to be confused with the nastiest Mega DJ with one name–Dipshit.”)

Best Night To Go Out: Thursday

(“Well, it’s certainly not tonight,” I joked. “We should have waited a night to go out. Anyway, is Thursday here to accept?”)

Best Club Song: “Mercy” by Kanye West

(“Here’s where Taylor Swift should come up here and start a scene.”)

And Best New York City Promoter: Verboten

(“Who’s never given me one freakin’ drink ticket! I dont even drink. I just want the validation!”)