Paul Ryan’s Bicep Writes Funny Tweets


Someone with a wry sense of humor–and an impressive knowledge of body building regimens–has started a twitter account called @PaulRyansBicep.

And reading the tweets is a pretty good workout.

Among the best mini-missives from Ryan’s non-bipartisan, non-bisexual bicep:

“I promise to squat in pounds the total number of followers I have by 9PM EST tonight.”

(To Starbucks) “Do you offer creatine shots in your lattes or do I need to bring my own?”

“The idea to cap non-defense discretionary federal spending at $1 tril came from the right delt”

“I can’t wait to move Mitt Romney into the White House. Seriously, picking up boxes is a great workout.”

“If incline dumbbell curls, six sets of 30, four times a week souds radical, then I’m definitely RADICAL.”

“Women’s issues are like preacher curls. Underhand grasp. The slower you go, the better.”

(to Joe Biden) “Loser treats the winner to Here Comes The Boom tix, what do you say old man?”

“Joe has tendonitis in his left bi, pass it on.”

Thanks to Rex Wockner for the tip.