Queen Latifah Was Discussed At Gay Book Event Last Night


Born This Way is the new book that compiles the childhood stories of various gay personalities who recall the hints and signifiers that they were “growing up gay.”

(I’m in the book, talking about my early love for the Supremes and TV’s Tarzan–exploding into gayness when the Supremes guested on Tarzan!)

Last night, there was a touching and funny event where participants like myself read our stories and answered questions.

Photographer Clarissa Macaya was asked by Huffington Post’s Gay Voices’ Noah Michelson–who moderated–which celebrity she’d like to be with.

Queen Latifah looks like she’d be a lot of fun,” Macaya replied.

“You’re outing her,” reminded Michelson.

“She’s not out?” asked Macaya. “Well, then, Ellen DeGeneres.

“Girl has moves–and also, how many pretty wives does she need?”

They’d make a great pair.

But I’m still holding out for the Supremes and Tarzan.