I Won Best Writer/Blogger! (Applause, Applause)


It happened at the Odyssey magazine Nightlife Awards at xl on Saturday, with hosts Frankie C and Bianca Del Rio.

Of course some other people won things too, and each time, Bianca was quick with the banter.

When the Fire Island spot Sip n’ Twirl won something, Bianca cracked, “because the other place burned down.”

When Shequida ran across the stage out of drag to take his award and get off, Bianca snapped, “That elderly black man who grabbed my purse was Shequida.”

And when a female DJ kept going on and on with gratitude in a pre-taped acceptance speech that might have been better for the Kennedy Center Honors, Bianca blared over the video, “Shut the fuck up! We get it already!”

Oh, and I won Best Writer/Blogger and thanked Mike, Cheyne, Frankie, and the rest of the Odyssey gang, and NYC itself for never being boring.

Thanks to Christian Freedom for the outfit.

(I added the hat as a last minute inspiration, when Annie Waldrop–an artist friend who was having an opening at Parsons–passed along the swatch. You like?)