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I’m Dressed Like A Newsies Character In New Promo Card!


The long running chat show Theater Talk has put out a fundraising card that has me and fellow scribes Jesse Green and Patrick Pacheco dressed right out of the Broadway musical Newsies as we’re assigned various saying about “papes” and “palaver.”

And it makes sense.

We are Newsies, after all.

In fact, we’re the original Newsies.

Cohost Susan Haskins is the one on the bottom–the editor, as it were–who assigned Brendan Coyle to do the fab illustration.

It looks even better on pape.

Oh, and you can watch me, Green, and Time Out New York‘s Adam Feldman on Theater Talk this Friday night, discussing the slew of revivals, Christmas shows, and orphans heading down the turnpike.

Table the palaver and check it out.