A Handy Flowchart for Selecting Your 2012 CMJ Panels, Day 1


Today marks the start of the CMJ Music Marathon, the annual festival during which zillions of allegedly up-and-coming bands take over Williamsburg and lower Manhattan for the better part of a week to schmooze with various music industry forces and perform at their heavily branded sponsored showcases. This makes it an especially great week for concerts in New York, as you are probably already aware. But those who were lucky enough to score one of the pricey all-access passes also get another lesser-known benefit: admission to an excellent slate of daytime programming, mostly panel discussions and presentations hosted at NYU’s Kimmel Student Center, roughly two dozen every day. Since these often go unheralded and thus might be incidental to your existing CMJ plans, we’ve compiled a handy tool to help you assemble a schedule. See you there.

Tuesday, October 16th
Wanna find out why “music journalism” now consists of blog posts like this one?
Yeah, what the hell is this this thing, anyway?

Music Journalism Exploded

The digital orb has exploded audiences into tiny factions. This all-star panel will discuss how the repercussions of digital journalism has changed the all-encompassing work flow of the industry. Find out how the top-level journalists fight the clutter to hit target and find impact.

11am in the Rosenthal Pavilion (Kimmel Center, 10th floor)

Don’t patronize me, asshole, I know how to use a flow chart.
Does your band have a really great demo that just needs to fall into the right hands in order for you to make it?

The Pitch Party

A panel of professionals from various yet critical worlds listen and respond to your media pitch. A different mix of panelists every day, including figures from record label A&R, publishing, radio, music supervision and entertainment law, will offer candid feedback and who knows what else?

11am in Kimmel 802 (Shorin studio)

I have a realistic understanding of the music industry.
Do you love business meetings?

Silver Boardroom Meetings

An opportunity for aspiring executives to engage in a boardroom meeting environment. Each meeting will have two well established industry professionals running an agenda. Attendees will be challenged to think, share, and generate ideas pertaining to the topic at hand.

11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, and 3:30pm in Kimmel 914

I don’t even own a necktie.
Can you afford to pay a manager, publicist, booking agent, and/or producer?
Not in cash, per se, but maybe we can find a way to trade services or something. I am really good at fixing bikes. Do you have a bike? Is it broken?

The 411 D.I.Y. Roundup

There are more and more success stories every year triggered by artists going it alone. What’s new and what’s working? This panel will reveal cutting edge techniques that successful D.I.Y. artists rely upon for their projects.

12:30pm in the Rosenthal Pavilion (Kimmel Center, 10th floor)

I do indeed have one or more of those things!
Does your current free web presence sell more Cialis than iTunes downloads?

The Art Of Creating A Superb Website for Musicians

An artist’s website can be a luminous tool that highlights a band, or a disastrous representation of career doom. What should a homepage look like? What are some of the key factors involved to launch and maintain a successful site? Your website is your faceplate and your mouthpiece to the world, and these dedicated professionals are here to show you how to get online traction to match your music.

12:30pm in Kimmel 802 (Shorin studio)

No and/or they’re tied
Have you been blacklisted by both Todd P. and Bowery Presents?
It was an accident, I swear!

Galleries Are Venues Too! The Future of a Hybrid Audio-Visual Music Culture

Recent movements depicting music culture through art exhibits are proving to add yet another layer to the evolution of the musical landscape. Perfected audio and visual sensory combinations are an interesting new twist on classic content. Our gifted panelists will discuss the future of music culture in it’s evolving hybrid form, and it’s multi-platform expression from concert venues to art galleries.

12:30pm in Kimmel 905/907

Still working on it.
Is your car in the shop?

Innovative Ideas On Booking And Promoting An Independent Tour

From a short vacation-time tour to full-on indie road-bliss, this panel will get you motivated, tuned up and ready for the road. Do you need an agent? What are venue bookers and promoters looking for in an artist? How do you make the most out of a tour once you get the gigs? Our panelists have done it all and will offer you a primer on booking and making the most out of a tour.

12:30pm in Kimmel 909

What’s on your bass drum head?
Band logo

The Connective Tissue Between Content And Advertising

The term “advertising” in music is now quite diverse. There are new revenues and opportunities for the artist as well as new decisions to be made for the advertising executive. Maneuvering through the digital landscape is proving to offer real opportunities as well as real challenges. Join this panel of ad-hawks who will sift through the weighty current affairs.

2pm in Kimmel 909

Mucinex™ snot monster
Are you currently wearing corpse paint?

The Pedal To The Metal

Dedicated fans of heavy metal culture keep the scene thriving by supporting its artists and shows. What is the secret to this genre’s success and what can the rest of the music business learn from it? How are metal bands weathering today’s changing climate? What is the role of the label in metal-land? This panel of metallic industry warriors will set fire to your face.

3:30pm in Kimmel 905/907

Be honest — do you create great music?

Modern Merch: Beyond the Tour T-Shirt

You create great music. Now support and supplement it with killer merch. We’ll offer non-traditional creative advice (along with specific ideas) on creating merchandise-driven revenue streams.

3:30pm in Kimmel 909

Look, I’m doing my best.
Your candor is appreciated. We’ll try again tomorrow.