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Here Come The Real Housewives Of Dusseldorf


The Real Housewives chain gets a really hard yank with this hilarious spoof by the kids of Unitard (David Ilku, Mike Albo, Nora Burns), just in time for Octoberfest.

Unlike the Bravo women, the Dusseldorf ladies are tough, rough, ice cold, and a little bit hairy.

They stand with their hands behind their back waiting for an emotion.

The biggest energy they can summon is to half-heartedly tell one another, “Your spaetzle is hard and dry.”

They are repressed, joyless, and angsty–making me wonder for a second if I’m German.

It’s as if the reality franchise was directed by the late Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Enjoy–but not too much.

You need to go back to providing food and shelter for your entire family.