Hulk Hogan Sues Gawker Over Leaked Sex Tape Co-Starring His Friend’s Wife


Former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has news for the gossip blogsters over at Gawker: I’m comin’ after you, brother!

But it’s not Hogan and his 24-inch pythons that the gossip site needs to worry about, it’s his attorneys.

Gawker was named in a $100 million lawsuit filed by Hogan — whose real name is Terry Bollea — over a sex tape the Hulkster made with the wife of his best friend, Florida-based DJ “Bubba the Love Sponge.

The tape was “leaked” (read: probably purchased) by Gawker, and published on its website earlier this month.

Also named in the lawsuit are “Sponge,” and his now-ex-wife, Heather Clem.

When asked if the website had any comment about Hogan’s lawsuit, A.J. Daulerio, the bolgger who posted the video, tells the Voice “nada.”

In the post, Daulerio describes — at length — the sexual tryst Hogan had with Clem, focusing primarily on the size of Hogan’s penis.

Daulerio claims the video was delivered to Gawker “anonymously” by someone who wanted “no payment” and “no credit,” which seems extremely unlikely considering the video was being shopped around to other gossip hounds — like TMZ — that have significantly more street cred than Gawker.

In the suit, Hogan claims the leaked video has caused “severe and irreparable injury which cannot be adequately compensated by monetary damages.”

Hogan has acknowledged that the tape was made while he was still married to his now-ex-wife, Linda.

“Mr. Hogan had a reasonable expectation of his privacy, just as all Americans have a reasonable expectation of their privacy in their bedrooms,” attorney Charles Harder reportedly told the media this morning.

Only problem is, it wasn’t Hogan’s bedroom — it was the bedroom of his friend’s wife…whom he was fucking.

*UPDATE*: a prior version of this post did not include “probably” in the sentence that says “(read: purchased).” Daulerio — following Gawker’s grand tradition of thorough reporting and accuracy — sent us a pissy email insisting that the website didn’t pay for the video.