What’s Happening This Week: Stone Crab Claw, Pre-Halloween Masquerade Party


Tuesday, October 16
Apple Festival. Alobar will be holding its first apple festival from now until the 21st in celebration of Cider Week. Chef Ian Kapitan will be offering a prix fixe menu for $35, available with an additional cider pairings for $50. It will also be holding a complimentary Glenmorangie tasting today beginning at 7 p.m. with four single-malt scotches.

Wednesday, October 17
Stone Crab Claw. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse will kick off its stone crab claw season, serving up the seasonal specialty fresh off the boat from the Florida Keys. The stone crabs are flown in fresh from the Sunshine State, where they are cooked on the boat as soon as they are harvested, and then promptly chilled — never frozen. Claws are cracked fresh to order and are served with a traditional dijon sauce and fresh hot towels. Stone crab claws are considered highly sustainable, as one claw is harvested from the crabs and the crab is then returned to the sea so it can regenerate the claw. Additionally, claws must be at least 2.75 inches long to be harvested and claws cannot be taken from egg-bearing females.

NYC Food Film Festival. The food film festival goes from October 17 though 21. Some events are sold out, but tickets are still available for others, including Farm to Film to Table: Meat Your Butcher, The Food Porn Party, and The Lowcountry Oyster Roast. The only way to gain access to sold-out events is with a VIP festival-wide pass, which are still available for purchase via deal partner Underground Eats. In honor of the Festival, is now offering visitors 20 percent off all purchases on the site. Use the code NYCFFF12.

Saturday, October 20
Pre-Halloween Masquerade Party. Lotus Blue is throwing a Pre-Halloween Masquerade Party on October 20 from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Drinks are $9 each and include the Pink Jackal Lantern, coconut rum, muddled strawberries, and strawberry calpico. Executive Chef Kian Lam Kho has created exotic bar bites ($5 each) for the occasion, including lotus-root chips, fried purple yam balls with cilantro dipping sauce, and crisp-fried red snapper nuggets.

Tastes of Brooklyn. City chefs are partnering with farmers for an outdoor culinary festival. There will be a farmers’ market outside Brooklyn’s Borough Hall and on Johnson Street. Top chefs and artisans will offer sumptuous fare. Food tickets start at $10. There is a pre-event special of $35 for eight tastes and $2 options for kids.

Sunday, October 21
Not My Day Job. On Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Prince George Ballroom (15 East 27th Street) there will be a culinary showcase event called “Not My Day Job.” The afternoon will feature tasting tables and cocktails from some of New York’s most celebrated restaurants and bars including dell’anima, Anfora, L’Artusi, L’Apicio, Shake Shack, the Dutch, the Meatball Shop, Marc Forgione, and Colicchio & Sons. The event will also include a cocktail competition, during which several of the city’s most notable mixologists will battle to see who can come up with the best St-Germain-inspired cocktail as determined by a panel of judges and the fan favorite. Tickets for this event are $50 and $25 for kids.