Cupcakes With Chronic Diseases


Don’t touch them! They’re undoubtedly contagious.

Over the past couple of years, FiTR has gone from being neutral on the subject of cupcakes — from tolerating them, only wishing we had an entire piece of cake instead — to downright hating the tiny near-cylinders of dried-out cake surmounted by bad and agonizingly sweet frosting. But can a cupcake make you barf just by looking at it?

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In a link provided by San Francisco correspondent Tracy Van Dyk, who, ever vigilant, has sent us the link from the shores of Lago Argentino in far-off Tierra del Fuego, a London baker named Miss Cakehead has created cupcakes which mimic the appearance of diseased skin. Complete with oozing scars and pustules that even a dermatologist would cringe from.

But these cupcakes have not been made out of spite for a sexual companion who has transmitted a disease, or a teenager suffering from a bad zit infestation, but for St. Batholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum as a warning against unsafe sex (see condoms in photo). Convinced?

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