Five Little Mysteries Based on the Food Section of the Voice Best Of Issue


This year’s Best Ramen?

Ready for a little quiz? Here are five questions concerning establishments FiTR writers have recommend in the Voice Best Ofs, which you can examine here. You can either read the items first, and then answer the questions, or you can read the questions first, and then go on a scavenger hunt in search of the answers. Actually, you can just read the questions and turn the page to get at the answers immediately, but that’s cheating!


1. Which ancient bar famous for its clam pizza, and what famous Italian ice store, are the awardees that are the furthest south geographically from the Voice offices, and how far?

2. Where in Lower Manhattan can you get a dessert that features salted-caramel ice cream?

3. Here’s an easy one: What sort of flesh is being cooked at the rotisserie in Jackson Heights that we recommend, and what nationality is credited with introducing the spice rub to the South American nation the establishment represents?

4. What is the best cookbook store in the city? And what neighborhood is it in? For extra points, name its legendary proprietor.

5. What is the surprising choice of Best Ramen this year? And what celebrity hangs out at that establishment? What comedy TV show is that celebrity associated with?

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Chinese chicken?


1. Denino’s Pizzeria and Ralph’s Ices, both in Staten Island, and approximately 7 miles from the Voice offices.

2. The revamped Great Jones restaurant Acme features a wonderful Danish dessert, a beer-and-bread porridge that’s topped with the desired flavor of ice cream.

3. Chicken. Indentured Chinese immigrants are often credited with inventing the spice combination rubbed into the chickens of Peru. The rotisserie is Casa del Pollo.

4. Kitchen Arts and Letters is located in the nosebleed section of the Upper East Side. Nach Waxman is the brains behind it.

5. Momofuku in the East Village. It’s one of Bill Hader’s favorite choices. TV show: Laugh In. (Sorry, just checking to see if you were still paying attention.