Gay Club Developments! Big Bands Have Replaced Boy Bands!


It’s come to my humble attention that Tony Fornabaio‘s name is no longer on the invite for Rockit, the long running Friday night bash which resides at xl.

The invite simply says it’s presented by Brandon Voss, Tony’s longtime promoting partner (whom he used to do Rockit with).

But don’t fret, gays.

The two of them are starting a new party called the Double Seven this Sunday, where big band will music will play, to jolt the club crowd back into the 1940s as if by time tunnel.

Explains Fornabaio:

“I am excited for this very new venue.

“It was a decision I was contemplating for a while to start new projects independent of XL, which we are all cool with.

“Brandon & I will continue FVevents when we can, such as this Sunday, and I will start new venues on my own.

Hope I see you this Sunday.


Honey, even I’m not old enough to remember big bands–though I do remember the disco revival of it, so maybe I’ll stop by for some “Swing, Swing, Swing.”