New York Burger Appreciation Society: Choose a Day, and Get a Gourmet Burger Delivered


For those who are really into gourmet burgers, a new delivery service is making them its focus so you can get your weekly fancy-burger fix. It’s called the New York Burger Appreciation Society and it’s a subscription-based, curated burger delivery service.

Subscribers choose a day of the week that they want to receive a burger (e.g. Mondays), and they are sent a gourmet burger from a local restaurant.

The catch is that you don’t know what burger will be sent to you.

“Part of our service offering is that you don’t know where the burgers are coming from before you receive them,” founder Dan Witte told Fork in the Road in an e-mail. “A few hours after delivery, we send an email to our members to tell them a bit more about the burger, its chef and/or restaurant, and where they can get another one. To that end, we don’t think releasing the names of the restaurants that we’re working with would be any fun, but I can tell you that it’s a good mix of burger joints and high-end restaurants that all have awesome burgers worth sharing.”

He added: “My co-founder was eating an Elk Burger (Western style, if you’re curious) at Bareburger when he was inspired to start the service, to give you an idea of the caliber of restaurants we’re talking with.”