Questlove: Your Favorite Twitterer’s Favorite Music Snob… And NYU Professor?


Questlove, Questo, ?uestlove, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon band member, and, most importantly, the fiery drums behind the genre-defining group, the Roots. Questlove has made a name for himself with all the attributes listed and much, much more (if his 2 million plus followers on Twitter are any indication), but he has never been referred to as Professor Questlove. That’s about to change next semester at NYU.

According to Billboard, the Roots drummer will be taking up a spring position in the Clive Davis School for Recorded Music at NYU’s famously celebrity-clad Tisch School for the Performing Arts. The class? Classic Albums, in which Questlove will co-teach with Grammy-winning producer Harry Weinger young music students what makes an album classic and why those albums live on for generations. Or a seminar where Questlove talks about the dopest albums ever made (Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, and Led Zeppelin included).
The registration for this is going to be like a Walmart opening on Black Friday.
The idea came into fruition a few months ago when the 2012 Pop Conference was held at NYU. Weinger interviewed Questlove about re-releases and other trends in the changing music industry. Someone must’ve mentioned Michael Jackson’s Bad to these two, and then the magic started to happen.
Questlove will be heading into a department where this kind of thing is normal, though. Clive Davis has a reputation for acquiring the music makers of the day: Swiss Beatz was its artist-in-residence for some time, Stevie Wonder showed up to a class that Weinger taught and dedicated to Wonder’s music, and a handful of other music aficionados fill the ranks of the school. At almost $60,000 a year per student, you can do a lot with all that money.

And it looks like Questlove is already attuning to his new title:

What was that about NYU 2031?