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Sherie Rene Scott Brings Her Base Desires To The Stage


Sherie Rene Scott pulls off a remarkable high wire act in her Piece of Meat show at 54Below.

She mixes whimsy with passion, wit with sincerity.

In her scripted monologues, the humor comes off pseudo ditsy but very smart; smartass but sophisticated.

And then she can sit down and sing a soulful ballad.

Scott (acclaimed for Broadway shows from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to Everyday Rapture) says the act is about “the desire to remain a highly evolved human being while facing overwhelming, base animal desires.”

More specifically, it’s about the need to fill your holy triangle; the yearning to get two opposable thumbs up; the urge to have all the domestic and creative bliss that once belonged to Paul and Linda McCartney.

The Dalai Lama also figures in the piece, as a holy human being who’s not what you’d expect (his ringtone is “Bad To The Bone”), though the guy is as free with the wisdoms as he is appreciative of his Rolex watch.

Some of the impressionistic songs are better than others, but they’re all fresh to the ears. (No “Open A New Window” or “I’m Still Here” with this lady.)

What’s more, Scott sings them with skill and has just the right hair-trigger timing to pull off a satirical line and make it surprising.


(That’s Tibetan for “Duh.”)

PS: Am I the only one who feels she’s the love child of the following two performers?