A Handy Flowchart For Selecting Your 2012 CMJ Panels, Day 3


Welp, here we go again–Day 3 of CMJ 2012 serves up 23 music biz panels during the day which are accessible only to people with the all-access badges, followed at night by another frenzied shitstorm of concerts, the best of which probably will decide not to let you in even if you do have one of the damn things. For our money, the finest venue at CMJ is certainly NYU’s Kimmel Student Center, on the southern end of Washington Square Park. Won’t you join us?


Thursday, October 18th
Are you willing to part with a portion of your band’s revenue in exchange for the services and support provided by a record label?
No way
Replacing The Record Label

Industry pros deliver absolute direction on every component to go it alone. How to choose and hire a radio promoter; how to A&R your own record; how to run up to a release with digital PR. These questions and more will be answered along with all of the related financial components.

12:30pm in Kimmel 802 (Shorin studio)

Wait, what do you mean by “revenue,” exactly?
Would getting an additional $8 check in the mail each year measurably change your life?
No, but fine, send it anyway.
SoundExchange: What It Is, Why It Pays, and How to Get Your Share

Digital performance rights organization, SoundExchange, will explain how registering to become a member can earn you royalties for plays on satellite radio, Internet radio, cable TV music channels and other services that stream sound recordings. Interactive and question-driven, this workshop will also cover need-to-know info on copyright, licensing, metadata, and legislation that will affect your career.

11am in Kimmel 405

How strong are your original compositions?
I’ve Got You Covered

How does one obtain the right to cover a song and potentially make money from it? This panel covers every element necessary to generate a new revenue stream from covering songs.

11am in Kimmel 406

Are you currently drunk enough to make some really bad life decisions?
Well, I’m at CMJ, so draw your own conclusions.
Tattoo U

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Do you have a killer tattoo to share? Ink experts will exhibit great designs, demonstrate how tattoos are made, and reveal what to look out for when getting a new tattoo. Get straight answers to questions before slinging the ink.

2pm in Kimmel 406

Not yet, but let me hit up the open bar at the Fader Fort party for a bit and I’ll get back to you later.
Given the opportunity, would you “sell out” for big corporate money?
The Real-Deal Breakdown Of The Branded Placement

Trace the steps of a song to learn exactly what goes into a branded major placement. Exactly how does a song get aligned with a brand? What do the deals and the contracts look like? We will cover everything you need to know on major placements.

12:30pm in Kimmel 802 (Shorin studio)

I am a filthy stinking liar.
When you’re quietly fiddling around on your phone during the panels, ignoring all this priceless advice, which app are you using?
Angry Birds
Creating Music For Video Games

Video game budgets surpass even the greatest record deal budgets from the golden era, causing many composers and producers to tap into this lucrative space. How does a composer or producer find work in this field and is it different from making music for standard media forms? What happens behind the scenes when music is placed into a video game?

3:30pm in Kimmel 905/907

Your loss, but at least you showed up. Here’s hoping you’ll actually pay attention on Friday.