Animal Rights Activists Exploit “Illegals” in Central Park Horse-Carriage War


As we’ve chronicled, there is a war going on between the labor union that represents Central Park horse-carriage drivers and animal rights activists who think keeping horses in midtown Manhattan is dangerous and inhumane.

Now the activists are using illegal immigrants as PR ammo against the union.

The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages sent us an e-mail this morning with the subject line “Illegals in Horse Carriage Trade.” In the e-mail, the group outlines how the union employs illegal immigrants, one of whom “foolishly lied about an animal activist, Roxanne Delgado, attacking him at the hack line.”

The group says another “illegal” was picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers about six weeks prior. 

“Allegedly spurred on by Stephen Malone, President of the Horse &
Carriage Association of NYC, and Demos Demopoulous, Teamster Union
representative Rojas stuck his neck out, probably never thinking he was
going to get outed,” the group says. “Perhaps he thought that nothing
would happen because the administration appears to have the back of the
carriage trade, ignoring their many violations.”

The group goes on to say that “illegals” “operate in a world of entitlement because the Administration and
all agencies that oversee them look the other way.”

“What good is a law against illegal immigration — especially those who
have criminal records — if one of the city agencies ignores it? What
good are rules and regulations over the carriage trade if they are
rarely enforced,” the group asks.

It might come as a shock to the
animal rights activists, but “illegals” are human beings — and they’re
not all criminals. The vast majority of them come to the U.S. to try and
better themselves by working crappy jobs for low pay — like shoveling
shit at a horse stable.

Illegal immigration is a serious
problem in this country, and it’s one that animal rights activists
apparently want to solve — right after they tackle America’s ongoing
horse-carriage problem, that is.