A Handy Flowchart For Selecting Your 2012 CMJ Panels, Day 4


Attention, anybody who still thinks CMJ is about concerts and wild nights: it’s time for last call. One final dose of tech, marketing, and legal wisdom will be dispensed to registered attendees during the panel discussions hosted at NYU’s Kimmel Student Center all day today. Sure, it starts earlier than usual this time around — 9am sharp — but if you decide to just sleep in and stave off last night’s hangover, you’ll likely spend the next 51 weeks haplessly bumbling around through what’s left of the music industry, which I sincerely doubt can handle any more incompetence. Come on down.


Friday, October 19th
Would you rather be watching TV instead of zoning out during a boring panel discussion?
I missed Parks & Recreation last night and it’s just killing me!

Does TV Everywhere Mean Cutting The Cord, Or Getting All Tangled Up?

Video streaming and compression technologies keep improving, letting innovators vie to be the next disruptive television distribution platform. Everyone from startups like ivi, Slingbox and Aereo to conglomerates like Time Warner Cable and Cablevision have made innovative legal arguments about their entitlement to stream others’ television programming. We’ll hear from litigators and business leaders on the front line of these battles and ask them what lessons these cases hold for related industries.

10:10am in Kimmel 914

I don’t watch television and love to obnoxiously tell people all about that every chance I get.
Do you consider yourself a highly principled person?
Not especially.

Ethics On The Borderline

Legal representation of musicians, bands, or tech or entertainment startups frequently comes replete with ethical dilemmas. Expert commentator and well known ethics author Ron Minkoff will help you navigate so you’re never unexpectedly close to the line, and explain how to avoid crossing it.

11:20am in the Rosenthal Pavilion (Kimmel Center, 10th floor)

Yes — and now that you mention it, what the hell am I doing in the music industry?
Are you a practitioner of chillwave, glo-fi, or any variant thereof?

Now More Than Ever: The Importance Of The Mastering Engineer

Mastering is the final stage of music production after a song/record is mixed. Recent technological advancements have emerged, making the decision as to whether to hire a mastering engineer a difficult one. New software is available that will analyze and automatically correct and normalize mixes. But does this compare to the ears of a professional?

2pm in Kimmel 406

How’s your drunk tweeting?

Social Media Sobriety

The social media environment is frantic and volatile. Learn how to build and execute a social media plan. Which sites, tools, widgets and apps work best? How much manpower is needed and how much does it cost ? This panel will help cure your social media hangover.

11am in Kimmel 905/907

So far so good…
How broke is your operation?

Music Lending 2012

With debt at rock-bottom prices and many of the traditional buyers of music assets sidelined, both banks and lending funds have focused on the music industry. What is the state of lending against music assets in 2012? This panel will discuss issues including valuation, asset classes, the underwriting process, loan structures, tax concerns, covenants and the lending process generally.

10:10am in the Rosenthal Pavilion (Kimmel Center, 10th floor)

Does working in the music industry make you want to totally give up up on your job?

What Could Possibly Go Wrong! Protecting Yourself In A Wind-Down

Entrepreneurs plan for success. Optimism is in their DNA. However, every entrepreneur should also have a plan in case the dream crashes. There may be valuable assets to protect and preserve. Our expert panel will look at the anatomy of a failing company. They will discuss vital steps to take in order to get out of a dying company with as few bumps and bruises as possible. After all, there’s always the next company.

2:40pm in the Rosenthal Pavilion (Kimmel Center, 10th floor)

Does working in the music industry make you want to totally give up on life?

Celebrity Estates: Death Poses New Problems

The estates of creative artists and celebrities present issues that are different and challenging. What rights does the estate have to exploit celebrity status? Can the will overcome the presumptions and dictates of certain laws regarding the disposition of property? What are the implications of copyright termination/reversions? A panel of experienced attorneys and CPA’s will explore these as well as other issues and bring light to possible solutions.

2:40pm in Kimmel 914

Good for you. Betcha won’t be so cheery after another year in this shitpile, though. See you in 2013.