Brooklyn Blast: A Surprise Hoppy Explosion


A candlelit brew

Brooklyn Blast! from Brooklyn Brewery

Style: Double IPA

Serving style: Draft

Location: Beloved

Cost: $6

ABV: 9.0 percent

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Appearance: This is a gorgeous beer that pours a vibrant hue of orange and red. Maybe it was due to the darkness of the bar, but the golden amber seemed to radiate with light. The head is nice and even, too, and holds for a decent amount of time. If this beer were a woman, her beauty would make me too nervous to say hi.

Aroma: Matching its look, the scent is citrusy and a bit piney. Being a double IPA, it’s stupidly hoppy. And weirdly, taking a big wiff of the brew warms the nostrils, thanks to the healthy amount of alcohol. If you held a match over the draft, it would (guessing here) probably act as a mini flame thrower.

Taste: Similar to the aroma, there’s a wide range of tastes happening. It hits all the sweet spots on the palate: fruity, herbal, and floral, but there’s nothing too overwhelming about it — the variety works extremely well as a team. There’s even a bit of spice that comes through, and I imagine the Blast would be a great paring with some sort of spicy Thai or Indian food.

Mouthfeel: With such a high ABV, the Blast is expectedly chewy, but I mean that positively. High-hop beers can easily slip into undrinkable, but the Blast doesn’t lose its footing. The bubbly carbonation does a nice job in helping to bring the vibrant taste to the forefront, too.

Overall Experience: The challenging part of enjoying a Brooklyn Blast is just enjoying it, because, well, this beer has a ton of alcohol in it. Sure, maybe that sounds awesome (and it is!), but thinking realistically, if you’re not careful, drinking this brew could quickly get out of hand. On a recent Sunday evening, I met a friend at my local spot to have a couple drinks and cap the weekend. I’d been out late the previous night, and wanted to turn in early and get a good start on the week. But, as you probably know where this is going, the Blast had other plans. It also didn’t help that the bartender gave us a little extra, serving both my friend and myself a couple of pints, rather than the 10-ounce glass that the menu advertised. Before I knew it, my stories got a little longer and my eyes a bit heavier, and I suddenly thought that a couple slices of pizza sounded like a five-course meal from Daniel. The Brooklyn Blast is a solid DIPA and surprisingly drinkable — but, maybe a little too drinkable.