Charles Davis, Jails Captain and Son of Retired Chief, Suspended For Pounding Inmate With Riot Stick


The son of a former top-ranking Correction Department official has been suspended and is under investigation for beating a handcuffed inmate with a baton after the inmate assaulted his brother, a correction officer, the Voice has learned.

Charles Davis, a probationary correction captain, allegedly struck the inmate with the riot stick and sent him to the hospital early this week at the George R. Vierno Center on Rikers Island. He was allegedly retaliating against the inmate for punching his brother, Correction Officer Larry Davis, Jr. earlier in the day.

The Davis brothers are the sons of Larry Davis, Sr., who retired in August, 2011 as Chief of Department, the agency’s highest ranking uniformed officer. Davis left the job under the cloud of an investigation into whether he did favors for subordinates.

Davis Sr. had also been accused of taking a free trip to the Dominican Republic that his underlings financed. The August, 2011 inquiry was looking into allegations Davis had broken rules in allowing a correction officer to drive a department car to his home.

“Capt. Davis was a captain in the security line, and he waited for the inmate to be escorted to intake,” a correction source says. “As the inmate was being escorted and was going past the security line, Davis just attacked him with the baton, right in front of other officers and captains. It took something like six people to pull him off the inmate.”

Will Captain Davis be demoted and arrested? Well, back in June, Capt. Daniel Dipierri was suspended, demoted and arrested for hitting an inmate also at the George R. Vierno Center and then falsifying a use of force report by claiming the inmate had attacked him. We wonder what Davis’ report said.