Don’t Forget to Check Out The Village Voice 2012 Best of NYC Food & Drink Section


On Wednesday, we published this little thing called “Best of NYC.” The hard copy is available right now in little red boxes all over the city, but in case you’re one of those “digital only” people, we’ve got you covered. Head to the Best Of NYC section on the Village Voice website, and get lost in the various foodie selections from our critics, Robert Sietsema and Tejal Rao.

There are some choice selections in there, too, like awarding John Brown Smokehouse for Best Barbeque, or giving Best Tapas Bar to La Vara. If you’re like some of us, though, and are more interested in post-dinner activities (read: getting hammered), we’ve named a few great bars as well–like Satellite Lounge, winner of Best Pinball Bar. We went through a lot of hard work and research to pick these joints–and now it’s your turn to enjoy them! So what are you waiting for? Go check out the full list of Best of NYC 2012 Food & Drink winners now.