Duo Pulls Off Robbery Almost Exactly the Way It’s Done in the Movies, Then Decides to Run Out With the Safe


NYPD say that yesterday, two robbers robbed a physician’s office, because as everyone who has watched a good heist film knows, one guy isn’t enough, and more than guarantees that someone’s going to snitch.

The robbery took place in the 43rd Precinct of the Bronx on 2029 Westchester Avenue (Manhattan is generally a bad idea, per films). The office robbed was an Astramed, a small New York chain, because there’s almost assuredly less foot traffic and witnesses there. Astramed doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, so you know it’s real.

The first suspect was a Hispanic male between 35 and 40 years old with a graying beard, sunglasses, a navy skullcap and beige jacket. The second was wearing sunglasses, a blue, oversized hoodie, and a ball cap. His disguise was so effective that authorities couldn’t decipher his age or race from the surveillance footage.

The suspect in the beige jacket was photographed brandishing a pistol at the front desk. According to cops, robbers demanded money then rounded the staff up and moved them to an office in the back, because there’s always a silent alarm under the front desk.

Then they started to diverge. There was a safe in the back office where they moved the staff. They went for the safe.

And though authorities couldn’t tell us how big the safe was, or its contents, they know that suspects escaped on foot. Strike two.

No one in the office was injured. The NYPD urges anyone with any knowledge to tip Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-577-TIPS or