Shoplifter Ripped Off Brooklyn 7-Eleven. So Employees Ripped Off His Pants *VIDEO*


When you work at a convenience store in Brooklyn, you have to learn to pick your battles. For example, candy bars are going to get stolen every once in a while. When this happens, you can do one of two things: ignore it and take the loss, or drag the shoplifter back into the building kicking and screaming, rip off all of his clothes, and then restrain him as you proceed fuck up your entire store.

Employees at a 7-Eleven on Flatbush Avenue opted for the latter.

The video was first posted on the website As you can see, the alleged thief has everything but his boxer shorts ripped off his body.

The stolen item in question, again, was a candy bar that probably costs about a dollar. And as the three employees are busy ripping the clothes off of the alleged shoplifter — and destroying their own store — other customers can be heard yelling “snatch and run…snatch and run.”

There is one upside to the aforementioned option B: it’s a lot harder to shoplift if you’re not wearing pants.