The Cutest Parisian Bakery In NYC!


It’s Korean!

This being the week of our highly regarded Best of NYC issue, let me tell you about a little gem of a bakery in Korea Town (and in several other locations).

It’s called Paris Baguette, and it’s a French pastry shop owned by people in Korea and manned (and woman-ed) by Korean Americans jauntily dressed in stripes and berets.

It’s just the cutest experiment in cultural cross pollination–and more importantly, the desserts are as ravishingly good as they are reasonably priced.

A curry croquette is only $1.80, the olive cheese fougasse is a mere two bucks, and you can’t beat the sweet rice doughnut that costs $1.40.

No matter what you grab off the shelf–whether it’s a fruit tart or a hunk of whole red bean bread–you won’t be disappointed, since each item is a culinary godsend, no matter which country it’s supposed to represent.

And there are all sorts of beautifully styled cakes, plus coffee, frappes, and all sorts of other delights that mix Korean good taste with continental charm.

You won’t find a better Korean/Parisian bakery anywhere in….anywhere!