Where Should I Take My Office for a Group Dinner?


Could you suggest a restaurant to take my team at work for dinner? We’re a group of semi-adventurous eaters (10 people; two of us are vegetarians). We’re looking for a place where we can get a couple of drinks and food for $75/person.

Oh, boy, it can be stressful to organize dinner for a big group. Here are a couple of ideas:

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My first thought is of Ssam Bar’s bo ssäm, a big, beautiful, slow-cooked, Korean-style pork shoulder served family style with oysters, lettuce, and various delicious condiments. It’s a really fun meal to take down as a group (team building exercise!), passing around the kimchi and barbecue sauce, getting a little messy with the lettuce wraps, and at $200, it leaves room in your budget for some a la carte appetizers, vegetable dishes, and drinks. Ssam Bar, 207 Second Avenue, 212-254-3500

Although perhaps not enough room? And will the vegetarians feel left out?

You might want to check out Do Hwa in the West Village, where a large group can book a dinner that includes platters of Korean food (which you can choose in advance to make sure a few will be made vegetarian-friendly), dessert, and two cocktails, for just $47/person. But no bo ssäm. Do Hwa, 55 Carmine Street, 212-414-1224

And what about Otto? Mario Batali’s pizzeria will do a nice set menu for groups of 10 at $55/person. Although it doesn’t include drinks, there’s a whole lot of food: antipasti, bruschetta, salads, cheeses, four kinds of pizza, and a pasta course. If you order wine carefully, you could stay in budget. Otto, 1 Fifth Avenue, 212-995-9559

Good luck!