19 Best Food Costumes at the Tompkins Square Dog Parade


Elaborately costumed dogs and their owners crowded Tompkins Square Park for the annual Halloween Dog Parade on this warm, sunny afternoon. Proceeds went to the Department of Parks and Recreation for the upkeep of the dog run. Check out our 19 favorite food costumes below, from tacos and hot dogs (such a popular choice!), to sodas and fruit.

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A Thanksgiving turkey; the costume is homemade.

This tiny tea party is a movable feast

A cozy taco

A happy strawberry

Soda kills

An emotional appeal to Mayor Bloomberg

A little pumpkin

And a bigger pumpkin

Marie Antoinette and her fancy tiered cake


A boiled lobster

The hot dogs start here

Who wore it best?

A wee cow

This dog’s name is Bobby Flay (really)

Hard to tell, but this one’s a banana

Bacon and eggs!