A “Honey Boo Boo” Spinoff For “Chickadee”!


Honey Boo Boo–the endearingly rambunctious small-town Georgia kid whose hapless hijinx beat the debates’ cable ratings–has been such a hit on TLC that they’re unsurprisingly planning a spinoff.

According to the Enquirer‘s Mike Walker, Alana’s 18-year-old sister Anna–the one who gave birth to the kid with three thumbs–will get her own show called Here Comes Chickadee!

And I bet there’s enough of Mom to go around for both shows.

But Walker adds that this new project is contingent on whether Boo Boo can keep bringing in the ratings on a consistent basis.

If she can score, then sis gets to be a big-time star, just like Half-Ton Teen and Man Without a Face.

I’d imagine they’re also going to have to drum up some clever tag lines to compete with Alana’s immortal sayings like “My momma nickname is coupon queen” and “A dollar make me holla.”

How about:

“Three thumbs up!”