A New Gar Bay Opens In HK!


I know that’s like saying, “New yogurt place opens in the Village,” but this one is special since it’s brought to you by the owners of Pieces, the long-running gay Cheers on Christopher Street.

It’s Hardware, a sleek hangout in an old hardware store where the guys now have to provide their own tools and figure out how to work them.

You enter into a long, narrow bar scene (the tenders all wear matching muscle Ts, by the way) that leads into the main room, where the stage provides the chance for drag shows upon drag shows.

At the VIP opening on Saturday, drag star Rhea Litre added some sparkle, co-owner Eric Einstein beamed when I called the place “Son of Pieces,” and Gary Hall (aka Shequida) told me he’s the entertainment director and has lined up the following schedule:

Wednesday: The Pep Factor with Peppermint

Thursday: The Shequida Show (No, it’s not just nepotism. It’s good.)

Saturday: Rockin’ with DJ Scotty Roxx

Sunday: Open Call with Brandon Cutrell

Tuesday: Glamorati, which is very East Village meets HK drag.

There will be stuff on the other nights too, but please, people–let me have some quality time at Pieces too!