Barack Obama Opened Three New Campaign Offices in New York. But Why?


In the 2008 presidential election, President Barack Obama mopped the floor with Senator John McCain in New York, beating the GOP challenger by more than two million votes.

In fact, a Republican presidential candidate hasn’t won the Empire State in nearly 30 years, when President Ronald Reagan absolutely crushed Democratic opponent Walter Mondale. In that election, however, the only state Mondale won was his home state of Minnesota.

In other words, it’s fair to say that New York is one of the bluer states in the entire country. And that’s not expected to change in this year’s election.

That said, Obama just opened three new campaign offices in New York — and we have absolutely no idea why.

On Friday, the Obama campaign opened new offices in Boerum Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Jamaica, Queens.

offices will further expand the campaign’s grassroots presence in these
boroughs,” the campaign says. “Each office will serve as a community
hub for local campaign activities, including phone banking and
canvassing trips to battleground states.”

That’s great and all,
but why devote any additional resources to a state that isn’t a
battleground state — especially when many of the battleground states
are tipping in favor of Mitt Romney these days?

We asked Obama campaign
spokesman Michael Czin for an explanation of the additional offices in
New York. His response: “The President’s supporters are eager to
volunteer for the President and support our grassroots operation in

Umm, OK?

According to the latest
Rasmussen poll of “swing states,” Romney leads the president 50 percent
to 46 percent. Those states include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan,
Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and
Wisconsin — each of which could determine who wins the presidency.

York, on the other hand, is not in play. Obama will win the state and
already has factored New York’s 29 electoral votes into his expected
totals. Fact.

Call us crazy, but it seems the best way to win
“swing states” is to put resources in “swing states” — not in a state
where the president has absolutely no chance of losing.