Dessert Dilemma: Pete Wells Acknowledges Similarities in Dishes at Blanca and Dirt Candy


Following up on his New York Times review of Blanca last week, Pete Wells points to a Twitter comment that calls out startling similarities between a dessert served by the restaurant’s pastry chef Katy Peetz, and one offered by Amanda Cohen at Dirt Candy.

The controversy over the dishes isn’t exactly surprising considering their components. At Blanca, Peetz began serving a watermelon radish gelato last September. Cohen’s dessert, which was served from July to December of 2011, contained warm beignets and watermelon-radish sherbet. Additionally, both dishes were embellished with stick-in-your-teeth red gummy candies. However, the ever laid-back Cohen doesn’t seem the least bit concerned with the situation. She told Wells, “Chefs, myself included, are constantly inspired by things they eat and dishes they read about.”

We wonder how Cohen’s super hero self would respond to such allegations.