The NYPL Kicks You Out for Smelling Bad? Sue for $5.5 Million!


In the age of ambulance chasers and courtroom reality television, we all know that suing someone has transformed into an activity that’s fun for the whole family. It’s based off the idea that “If you can, why the hell not?” leading to cases like the one we saw this past week with Mr. George Stillman, an Upper West Side resident who was reportedly tossed from the New York Public Library on Amsterdam Avenue three years ago for not smelling too swell.

According to the New York Post, Stillman is suing the organization for $5.5 million because, you know, discrimination. He told the reporter, “It’s not about the amount of money; it’s about standing up for your rights.” And the $5.5 million lawsuit.

Stillman had been going to that library for 20-some-odd years and never once was he pulled aside for his B.O. Until that one time. But what doesn’t make much sense about it all is that a spokeswoman for the library said he was allowed to come back. And he has . . . several times, without anyone complaining about his smell.

Regardless, he’s still suing for millions, because why the hell not?

In the court papers, Stillman argues that he only smells when he runs long-distance (he’s a career runner), and, besides that, he never stinks because no one has ever told him he does. And, actually, one time he was at the library, the branch manager was the odor culprit.

We’re just going to let this one play out on its own if that’s OK.