Tyler Perry Gets The Worst Reviews of His Career


Even worse than for Madea’s Witness Protection.

He’s gotten some scathing notices for Alex Cross, the thriller in which he’s the homicide detective/psychologist once played by Oscar winner Morgan Freeman.

But if there’s any killing to investigate, it could be to Perry’s career after this turkey lurches out of the barnyard.

Here are some of the nastiest reviews, as compiled by

“Perry’s supposed to be its center. And as an actor–certainly as a movie star–he’s absolutely nowhere to be found.”

“Stripped down to his undershirt or brandishing an assault rifle, Perry looks both incongruous and ridiculous–an icon out of water.”

“If you’ve seen any number of Tyler Perry’s Madea movies, you probably don’t think he could sink lower in his career. But he managed to do just that in Alex Cross.”

“A stomach churning mix of sadism and sentimentality.”

Perry is “a lumbering screen presence who is better at projecting teary-eyed sincerity than brutal, vengeful anger.”

“Tyler Perry finds it easier to step out of Madea’s dress than into Morgan Freeman’s shoes in the thriller Alex Cross, a trite attempt at franchise building.”

But wait a minute!

It’s not all bad!

Some reviews say that Perry is OK, it’s just the movie itself that rots.

And one review says “There is one bit of casting that pushes Alex Cross into watchable territory.

“…And that’s Matthew Fox as the serial killer nicknamed Picasso.”


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